It's not easy to talk about himself, but I'll try ...

I am 28 years old. Currently I live and work in Luton, UK. I'm working at London Luton Airport as Ramp Agent for 3 years (aircraft ground staff. By working in England I get good english language skills, I met people from different places in the world, I have explored some interesting places myself. Despite all these experiences, working at the airport is not the summit of my dreams; it dose not give opportunities for growth and satisfaction, so I have started looking for new challenges, both in Europe and in Poland.

Short characteristic ...

I'm a young and energetic person. I learn quickly. I use their knowledge in practice as well; I can transfer my knowledge to others (in college I have given private lessons in mathematics and chemistry). I'm a patient person. What plan - try to implement that came out best. Their behaviour inspires confidence and respect among people. I like to work in a group, as a team leader and the person who is superior.

Something about education ...

From the beginning I lived in Sosnowiec, now slaskie share, old katowickie share. But I don't feel Ślązak - I loved in Cracow - my parent's city.

In Sosnowiec I finished elementary school, then I started learning in a Technical Institute of Science in Dabrowa Górnicza. That was Technical Highschool, for 4-years, about direction: "Moulding and Environment Protection". Environment protection subject pulled on me, so strong, then I decided more education in this subject.

In year 2000, I started stationary study, on Agricultural Academy (now University) in Cracow. I study on Department Environment Engineering and Geodesy, in subject Environment Engineering. I defend my master work in 2005 year. My master work was title: "Abrazion reservoir coast Czorsztyn-Niedzica from Pieninski National Park site". I know, then most from you, visitors on my website, doesn't say nothing concept abrazion. For explain: it is similar occurrence to erozion. Abrazion destroy coast of water reservoir, natural and artificial, for example: usual change water level, waving. I been and worked in Geotechnical Circle Science, my master work has been sent to some Science Contests, in and out side. And I had few successes.

After school I started looking a job. Unfortunately I didn't find any, and then I made a decision about a trip to UK, and from that time I'm still living here.

Something about hobbies ...

I have a lot of different hobbies:
   ♦ science, in every issue, technique, history, psychology ... much to mention, to mention only that I am an avid reader of books and scientific journals;competitions, internal and external. And with big success.
   ♦ book, as I have earlier memories, mostly about science, but also about history, sensational and detective stories (McLain, Ludlum, Follet), in his spare time and crossword mental tasks (I'm MENSA member);
   ♦ sport; from chess (at one time professionally) to tennis, across swimming, basketball, volleyball;­
   ♦ computer; from 3 - rd year of study I'm planning in AutoCad; also Microsoft Office, photo programmes (Photoshop, Corel); at last - Internet - website design;
   ♦ films; everyone, any good;
   ♦ music; main rock i blues (Queen, Black Sabath, Nirvana, Dzem), I like too classical music;
   ♦ politics;
   ♦ trip; I always loved and I still have to same; I saw may places, but know, then I have still a lot to explore.

That everything about hobbies I think. It's something more, I love driving my car, but who doesn't ?

That's all I think. I invite you to see my website, and any suggestions and questions could you sent me a e-mail: marcinjankowski81@op.pl